HSE/Cork Kerry Community Healthcare Statement regarding announcement of State Compensation Scheme for the children and young people identified in the Maskey Review as having suffered harm/injury

The HSE/Cork Kerry Community Healthcare welcomes the Government announcement that a State Compensation Scheme has been established for young people who suffered harm/injury while in the care of the Child and Adolescent Mental Health service as outlined through the Maskey Report.

This compensation scheme will give some assistance to the families and young people affected who did not receive the standard of care they deserved. It will be administered by the State Claims Agency on behalf of the HSE.

The HSE/Cork Kerry Community Healthcare has received details of the scheme and has issued those details by post to those affected to outline details of the scheme and how they can apply.

Separately, we continue to engage directly with the young people affected and their families. A Clinical Support Liaison Team is in place and are available to support individuals and families. We are committed to providing ongoing support to all those affected by the events outlined in the Maskey Report.

A separate process is underway to make sure all 35 recommendations of the report are implemented.

The HSE would like to take this opportunity once again to apologise sincerely to the young people affected and their families for deficits in care they have received.

Our Information Line remains open 1800 742 800 from 9am to 5pm, seven days a week.

Last updated on: 19 / 04 / 2022