HSE creates new information videos in 10 languages to encourage pregnant women to get vaccinated against Covid-19

The HSE National Immunisation Office (NIO) has created COVID-19 vaccine information videos for pregnant women in a range of languages which are now live on the HSE’s YouTube channel and being shared on social media. 

Dr Lucy Jessop, Director of the HSE National Immunisation Office says, “It is important that pregnant women protect themselves from the COVID-19 virus. The HSE is recommending women who are pregnant, trying for a baby or might get pregnant in the future to get a COVID-19 vaccine. In order to reach as many women as possible, we have created these videos in multiple languages to explain the importance of getting the vaccine.

“These videos, and factual and updated information on the COVID-19 vaccine, are available on the HSE YouTube channel and the HSE website. We encourage all women to read the information, watch the videos and discuss vaccination with their obstetrician, midwife or GP about getting their COVID-19 vaccine.”

The HSE added the videos in a number of key languages to help share the messaging about COVID-19 vaccine (these are in addition to those in 26 languages for written translation). The new multi-lingual videos created in partnership with Translate Ireland encourage pregnant women to take up the COVID-19 vaccine. The videos are available here.

Getting vaccinated is the best way to protect you and your baby from COVID-19. Being vaccinated will reduce the chance of you becoming very unwell from COVID-19 and reduce the chance of complications for your baby. If you are also planning to get pregnant or trying for a baby, we recommend you get a COVID-19 vaccine.   

The HSE has run a number of communications programmes aimed at raising awareness and encouraging uptake of the COVID-19 vaccine. These have been run across radio and social media platforms while the institute of Obstetrics and Gynaecology have also been advocating for pregnant women to be vaccinated.

In response to the lower than anticipated uptake rates, vaccination clinics have been established in a number of the larger maternity hospitals, where women attending the hospital for routine clinics can have a consultation with the obstetric care-giver and can then receive the vaccine on site. Women can also attend for a vaccine at a walk-in vaccination centre at various locations across the country. The details of where to find our walk-in clinics is here.

Women at any stage of pregnancy are being offered an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer or Moderna) and we are strongly encouraging women to take up the COVID-19 vaccine, following a discussion with their obstetric caregiver. Most maternity hospitals/units are also having the vaccine discussion with women at their booking visit (12 to 14 weeks gestation).

For information on COVID-19 and pregnancy, please see here.

Last updated on: 15 / 11 / 2021