HSE Delivers on Waiting List targets

8th November 2017

  • Inpatient and Day case Waiting List Action Plan exceeds target of 29,838, over 31,600 have come off this list.
  •  Outpatients waiting List Action Plan exceeds target of 95,508, almost 100,000 have come off this list.
  •  Almost 2,180 inpatients/daycase patients waiting over 15 months have come off the list since last month
  •  Overall, 2,931 less patients on inpatient/day case and outpatient waiting lists since last month

A key priority for the HSE is tackling long patient waiting times and ensuring timely access to treatment and care for our patients.

The HSE is pleased to report that this year’s plans to reduce waiting time for patients have exceeded targets. Over 31,600 patients have come off the inpatients/daycase waiting list since February. Furthermore, the number of patients waiting longer than 15 months on this list has reduced by a further 2,180 since last month. This plan, developed in conjunction with the NTPF, focused on reducing the number of patients waiting 15 months or more for inpatient /daycase treatment by 29,838 by the end of October 2017.

In relation to outpatient waiting lists, today’s NTPF figures also show that almost 100,000 patients have come off the waiting list under the waiting list action plan. Since September the overall number of patients on the outpatient waiting list has fallen by almost 800.

In 2016 almost half a million (479,000) outpatients did not attend their outpatient appointment. In order to help patients access timely appointments, the HSE is asking patients to let their hospital know as soon as possible if they cannot attend scheduled appointments so that other patients may be offered appointments.  Alongside this, hospitals will also be contacting all patients waiting over 6 months in the coming weeks to see if they require their appointment.  The purpose of this exercise is to ensure that we fully optimise our existing resources and improve overall access times for patients.

The Gastrointestinal (GI) Endoscopy Waiting List figures confirm that almost all patients are receiving their urgent colonoscopy procedure within the four week waiting time target. The HSE continues to ensure that this performance is sustained.  In relation to routine endoscopy procedure, 52% of patients are receiving their colonoscopy within the thirteen week waiting time target.  The NTPF recently announced an endoscopy initiative which will target the longest waiters.

The HSE is committed to bring down the waiting times and improve access to scoliosis services, and progress continues on reducing numbers waiting and waiting times in a planned, safe and sustainable manner.  A number of initiatives within the Children's Hospital Group, other public hospitals, as well as with private providers nationally and abroad, are underway to support this. The waiting list for scoliosis related surgery is reducing as a result of additional activity within paediatric hospitals in Ireland and outsourcing initiatives.  The Children's Hospital Group has been contacting patients to offer them treatment in specialist centres appropriate to their needs. The HSE has confirmed it is committed to working collaboratively with families of scoliosis patients and advocacy groups to meet their needs. A Paediatric Scoliosis Services Co-Design Group is in place, which includes service users and providers, to design a comprehensive contemporary and patient-centred approach to the delivery of scoliosis services. The HSE is working to develop a long-term sustainable solution for scoliosis and paediatric orthopaedic patients.

The HSE continues to work in close collaboration with the NTPF and is fully committed to improving services for our patients by tackling long patient waiting times and ensuring timely access to treatment and care for our patients.

The Waiting List Action Plans can be viewed here.


Note to Editor

The National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) figures published today  for Inpatient/Daycase Procedures confirm:

  • 34% of patients are waiting less than 3 months
  • 56% of patients are waiting less than 6 months
  • 91% of patients are waiting less than 15 months
  • 94% are waiting less than 18 months
  • 71% of patients are awaiting daycase procedures, 29% awaiting inpatient procedures

The overall Out-patient waiting list shows that

  • 82% of outpatients are waiting less than 15 months
  • 31% of patients are waiting less than 3 months
  • 50% are waiting less than 6 months.  
Last updated on: 08 / 11 / 2017