HSE publish guide to help staff deliver improved care and services

The HSE Quality Improvement Division has published a new 'Improvement Knowledge and Skills Guide' to help staff deliver improvement in the health service through the work they do every day.

Self-assessment guide

The 'Improvement Knowledge and Skills Guide' is a useful and easy to understand tool that staff can use to assess themselves to identify learning and development needs as well the resources, education and training that can support them in their everyday work, says HSE National Director for Quality Improvement, Dr Philip Crowley.

"In healthcare everyone has two jobs, to do your work and to improve it".

Supporting improvement

Improvement is everyone's role and responsibility and we know that staff are embracing this responsibility when we see the scope and breath of initiatives and improvements being taken on by staff and teams in the health service.

"We are constantly seeking new and better ways of working together within hospital groups, community healthcare organisations and the national ambulance service to deliver high quality care and services to patients, service users and their families.

 The aim of the new guide is to support the on-going learning and professional development of all staff both clinical and non-clinical by providing a list of improvement knowledge and skills which can help to support, educate, train and guide staff on how to deliver improvement in our health service," said Dr Crowley.

The improvement knowledge and skills are structured around the Framework for Improving Quality (HSE 2016).

The framework includes leadership, person and family engagement, staff engagement, improvement methods, measurement and governance which are required to successfully implement and sustain improvement in healthcare.

Learning and development for all

The learning and development journey in improvement for everyone working in the Irish health service apply to four categories:

  1. everyone
  2. improvement team
  3. improvement champion
  4. improvement advisor.

Download The Improvement Knowledge and Skills Guide

Last updated on: 11 / 10 / 2017