HSE invites staff and public to participate in online survey to inform the Covid-19 Vaccination information campaign

HSE Media Release: 11 December 2020

Today (Friday, 11th December 2020), as part of our Covid-19 Vaccination campaign planning, the HSE is launching an online survey to inform our COVID vaccine information campaign. 

As part of the vaccine rollout, the HSE is working in partnership with the Department of Health on all aspects of information and communication about the vaccine.  All our vaccine communications programmes are based on feedback, insights and evidence from the people we care for, our staff and healthcare professionals.

The results of this survey will tell us more about people’s current views, their questions about the vaccination programme, what information they need and how and by whom they’d prefer to be kept informed.

We will share the survey on our social media accounts today and we invite everyone to take the survey and share onward – to help play a part in this process.

The survey will be live until December 18th and can be completed here.

The HSE is part of the High-Level Task Force on COVID-19 Vaccination, and our health service teams, staff, experts and suppliers will be playing a central role in many aspects of rolling out this national programme. 

The HSE, and a range of healthcare professionals, provide all of Ireland’s public immunisation programmes for children and adults, safely protecting millions of people with vaccines each year.

 In Ireland, vaccines are offered to protect us against 13 infectious diseases. Significant progress has been made in reducing these potentially serious diseases since vaccines were introduced.  

Almost 200 years of vaccination campaigns delivered to millions of people have greatly reduced the burden of infectious diseases that caused widespread deaths and disability to children and adults in Ireland.

For example, polio, an acute illness which invades the gastrointestinal tract, is a vaccine-preventable disease.  Vaccination against polio was introduced in Ireland in 1957 which eliminated the disease by 1984. 

The MMR vaccine, which protects children again mumps, measles and rubella, has an uptake rate of over 90% and the HPV vaccination rate is over 80%, protecting first year girls and boys from HPV related cancers.

While the introduction of the vaccine is a very positive development, it is critical that all of us keep in mind that it is not our first line of defence against COVID for now, nor will be for some time to come.

Everyone in Ireland, and our health service and the people we care for, will need to focus on and sustain the prevention and protective actions that have become part of how we are working and living. 

As we approach Christmas and as some of us are meeting with the people who matter to us, our advice to the public this week remains very important.

Remember to:

  •  keep your guard up
  •  keep your numbers of contact as low as possible
  •  wash your hands and maintain social distance
  •  avoid crowds,
  •  wear your face coverings
  •  try to meet people outside if you can, indoor or unventilated spaces increase the risk of transmission.

The survey will be live until December 18th. Complete the survey.

For information on the COVID vaccination programme, visit hse.ie or gov.ie

Last updated on: 11 / 12 / 2020