HSE Leadership Raises a Flag in Support of LGBTI Colleagues

Today, (Friday 7th June 2019), the HSE leadership team, including recently appointed Director General Paul Reid, and members of the National Staff Engagement Forum raised a flag to mark the beginning of LGBTQ Pride month and demonstrate the HSE’s commitment to creating an inclusive workplace, welcoming and supportive of all of its employees.  The event was organised by the employee support group - the HSE LGBTI + Allies Network.


The aim of the network is primarily to support employees who identify as LGBTI to participate fully in the workforce, in every respect, through bringing their entire selves into the workplace. Through implementation of the Health Services People Strategy the organisation aims to be fully inclusive employer. This can be achieved with commitment from all levels of the organisation to a truly inclusive workplace, supportive policies and procedures, peer support for Network members and allies, networking opportunities, both internal and external, and other related initiatives.  Rosarii Mannion, National HR Director stated that “the aim is to now grow the LGBTI Network which was launched in 2016 and to highlight to staff that they are not alone and there is a network of people, their colleagues, who support them.”


On behalf of the leadership team, the Director General of the HSE, Paul Reid, said, “Our colleagues across the health service bring a diverse range of skills, talents and experience to the organisation. We are committed to creating a positive working environment whereby all employees inclusive of race, religion, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, responsibilities for dependents, age, disability, and geographic location are respected, valued and can reach their full potential. If we value the role that everyone plays, we can continue our goal to build the trust and confidence of our key stakeholders including the public, government and staff.”


For the second year a number of HSE staff will join the LGBTI + Allies Network to proudly participate in the Dublin LGBTQ Pride Parade on Saturday 29th June 2019. Follow @HSELive#HSElgbti on Twitter for more information.

Last updated on: 07 / 06 / 2019