HSE National Clinical Programme for Critical Care welcomes the significant Budget allocation announced for the care of critically ill COVID and non - COVID patients

Press Release: 15th October, 2020

The significant allocation announced for the Critical Care Programme will build and strengthen critical care capacity across Ireland to respond to the needs of critically ill patients, COVID and non-COVID alike, as we work and plan our way forward this year and over coming years.

The funding provided will support a substantial 25% increase in adult critical care capacity over the period 2020 to the end of 2021.

This investment will address the needs of COVID patients and non-Covid patients alike, including critically ill major trauma patients in ICUs in trauma receiving hospitals, critically ill mothers who need to be transferred to ICUs and many others. The Model of Care developed by the National Clinical Programme provides the clinical and strategic framework for this investment.

As befits modern Ireland, this substantial Budget allocation, which includes opening of beds in new-build capacity, is transformative and will greatly strengthen our joined-up response to the challenge of COVID.

Additional components welcomed– Critical Care Nursing

The additional allocation for Critical Care Nursing Educators and Facilitators to build and retain the national Critical Care Nursing Workforce is most welcome. Graduate nurses from Ireland’s universities and colleges will be able to consider and apply now for a career in Critical Care Nursing to meet the needs of patients in Ireland today.

Application details for the Foundation Programme in Critical Care Nursing Career Pathway are available now on the Critical Care Programme website 

Retrieval Services

The provision for critical care retrieval services will help to ensure that critically ill patients can gain timely and safe access to critical care across Ireland in line with the hub-and-spoke model of care developed by the National Clinical Programme.

Hospital Outreach for Deteriorating Patients

Investment in additional Critical Care Outreach Teams will strengthen the detection and responses to deteriorating acutely ill patients across the acute hospital system. This welcome allocation strengthens the important Irish National Early Warning System (INEWS) launched recently by the Department of Health and the HSE.

Our focus as always remains on patients. The NOCA National ICU Audit will play a key role in tracking the impact of this investment on outcomes for patients.

Last updated on: 15 / 10 / 2020