HSE National Doctor’s Training and Planning Unit (NDTP) seeks NDTP Aspire Post CSCST Fellowship applications

HSE Media Release: 12 August 2020

Proposals will be assessed on relevance to service requirements, quality/innovative nature of fellowship, the relevance of non-clinical component, and the existence of similar/existing fellowships.

NDTP funds the successful proposals and provides them with:

  •  an SpR salary at the highest point of scale and headcount for the duration of the fellowship
  •  eligibility to access the Higher Specialist Training Fund during the fellowship
  •  formal recognition of achievement following completion of the fellowship from the relevant Irish Post Graduate Medical Education Body/Bodies
  •  a high-quality fellowship experience in Ireland that will improve competitiveness for positions within Ireland. 

Speaking about this year’s Aspire Fellowship programme, Professor Frank Murray, Director, HSE National Doctors Training and Planning said:

“To the Aspire Fellows, it offers an opportunity to undertake world-class post-HST clinical training in Ireland in a sub-specialist niche area of speciality, and to acquire skills which may be unavailable as a HST trainee. It permits world-class fellowship training in Ireland without the need to move overseas. Aspire fellows may also enhance their research, audit, management and leadership skills. It also both improves competitiveness for consultant roles, and improves transition to these roles.”

The 8 successful 2021 Aspire Fellowships will be announced early in 2021. The 2021 Aspire Fellowships will then be advertised to doctors that have received CSCST from an Irish PGTB but will be no more than 3 years post CSCST in July 2021.

The call for proposals opened on 4th August and the closing date for entries is 17:00hrs on Monday, 14th September 2020. The Application Form and Guidance Document can be found at hse.ie/postcscst.

Please direct all Aspire related queries to doctors@hse.ie or 01 695 9900.  

Last updated on: 12 / 08 / 2020