HSE publishes 2021 Annual Report and Annual Financial Statements

  • Over 1.5 million people have medical cards and almost 526,000 have GP visit cards
  • 1.6m people received inpatient or day case treatment
  • Covid vaccination delivered nationwide to almost every eligible person
  • 6,149 increase in staff numbers
  • Total expenditure of €21.643 billion

Today, Tuesday 21st June 2022, the HSE published its 2021 Annual Report and Annual Financial Statements, available on the HSE Website here.

The report and accounts highlight the key health and social services provided by the HSE in 2021 out of a budget of €21.643 billion(bn), including funding to non-statutory agencies of €5.691bn. These services were delivered as the HSE continued to support the population through the Covid-19 pandemic, rolled out the largest vaccination programme ever seen in this country and dealt with a cyber-attack on its ICT systems.

Mr Ciarán Devane, Chairman of the Board of the HSE, said, “In 2021, our key focus was on the provision of safe health and social care services against the continuing backdrop of COVID-19 and the impact of the cyberattack.

“Our population continues to increase, with longer life expectancy leading to population growth in the older age groups.  Life expectancy will continue to increase, with the most significant factor being improved survival rates from major diseases. Increased support in the community and in the home is a continuing trend with, for example, over 20 million home support hours being delivered to over 55,000 people.

“To address the longer term, the HSE continued with the ongoing implementation of Sláintecare reforms in line with the Programme for Government. These investments and changes will ultimately allow us to address long-standing challenges including waiting lists for scheduled care in hospitals and long waits in emergency departments.”

Paul Reid, CEO, HSE said, “Responding to COVID-19 was a key priority throughout 2021 and, due to the success of our national vaccination programme, we moved progressively away from a crisis response. By the end of 2021, 95.1% of the adult population and 77.8% of the total population had received their primary vaccination, and over 2.25 million booster doses had been administered. As the number of serious cases reduced, we continued to be guided by the advice of our public health teams.”

He continued, “We also had to deal with the unprecedented criminal cyber-attack and the continued disruption it caused to our patients, service users and staff in its aftermath.  Our staff showed remarkable resilience and ingenuity to ensure the continued delivery of essential care while work was ongoing to stop and minimise the effects of the cyberattack. We continued to develop, implement and monitor improvements in the security and resilience of critical national infrastructure for the provision of essential services, ensuring an improved rapid response is available to these threats when they occur.

“We recruited substantial numbers of staff across all disciplines in 2021, the majority of whom are working directly in delivering health and personal social services. We continue to work hard to recruit staff in sufficient numbers to provide the services which are funded and that the public expect.

“Out of the 1.6m people who received treatment in a hospital in 2021, over one million of them were on a day-case basis.  Over 3.2 people attended outpatient appointments. We focused on improving waiting list times and saw improvement in acute wait times for adults, child day case procedures and acute wait times for outpatients appointments, whilst seeing significant improvements in wait times for community occupational therapy assessment and speech and language therapy assessment. However, there was a disimprovement in areas such as acute wait times for child inpatient procedures and for community physiotherapy assessment. We worked to make these better, we recovered from the cyber-attack and the pandemic, whilst carrying out the vaccination campaign and treating Covid patients.”

The CEO and the Chairman on behalf of the HSE Board wish to acknowledge and remember those who were lost, and those patients, staff and families who continue to suffer as a result of the pandemic.

Last updated on: 21 / 06 / 2022