HSE Q4Digital Academy - Showcase of new disruptive technologies and Digital Health Living Labs

HSE Press Release: Wednesday, 9th December 2020

The HSE Digital Transformation team hosted the Q4 Digital Academy Forum (DAF) today (Wednesday, 9th December 2020), showcasing new disruptive technologies and announced a number of new digital health living labs.

The new Mater hospital digital living lab showcased the use of Vocera communications system which is revolutionizing staff communications, shortening care pathways and reducing risk of contamination during Covid 19. The HSE digital Living lab in Midlands General Hospital showcased Violet,  an autonomous Ultraviolet cleaning robot.

A new Artificial Intelligence Living Lab for Emergency General Surgery has been announced for Letterkenny General Hospital. The event also showcased a pill camera from Enterasense which detects bleeding in the upper GI tract, as well as a Trinity College Avator which could be used for Covid 19 triage. Sean Moynihan, CEO of Alone announced the new HSE – Alone living lab which tests and showcases digital technology solutions for elderly people living alone.

Speaking at the event Paul Reid, CEO of the HSE said “Covid 19 has dramatically accelerated the adoption of digital technologies. The use of Vocera for dramatically improving clinician workflows and Violet for autonomous UltraViolet cleaning are examples of how the HSE are at the leading edge of the Digital Health revolution.”

Martin Curley, Director, HSE Digital Transformation stated “We are delighted to see the promising early results from our first cohort of living labs and to announce several new digital living labs. Equally some of the disruptive technologies we showcased today can be game changers in transforming the Irish Healthcare system.”

Seán Moynihan, CEO of Alone added “We are delighted to partner with HSE Digital Transformation on a new Digital living lab focused on using Digital Health. Framed within developing and sustaining resilience with local communities, we will weave together the worlds of health / medical, housing and social care through integrated solutions. This will enable empowerment among older people, improve wellbeing while co-ordinating and introducing social connectivity. Ultimately, we hope to reach anyone who may need our services in the community and we will begin initially with a couple hundred people.”

Alan Sharp, CEO of the Mater hospital said  “In the Mater Living lab we are proud to be the first hospital to introduce Vocera communications which is revolutionizing inter clinical staff communications, shortening care pathways, saving PPE and reducing COVID 19 contamination risk”. 

Also at the DAF, the HSE Digital Academy and the Cisco Networking Academy announced a collaboration to deliver Cisco Networking Academy classes to HSE employees. Shane Heraty, country manager of Cisco said “We are very proud to collaborate together, with HSE's incredible staff, to ensure that everyone gains access to the digital skills they need.”

GMIT, Aurion Learning and the HSE Digital Academy signed a memorandum of agreement to co-develop and deliver a digital health fundamentals class for HSE employees to be hosted on HSeLanD, the on line learning portal for all Health Services staff. The DHF class will provide key knowledge for HSE staff to be digitally productive and help enable the digital transformation of the Irish Health Service.

HSE Digital Transformation were recent award winners at the Irish Healthcare Awards on Tuesday 1st December 2020. The HSE Digital Transformation team won ‘Educational Meeting of the Year’ category for HSE Digital Academy. In addition the team received a 1st Commendation in the category of Best Covid-19 Response: Public sector (Non-Hospital) for HSE Digital Transformation Team - HSE Digital Response to COVID-19 - The Big Bang Disruption in Digital Health.’


Last updated on: 09 / 12 / 2020