HSE reminds people to check when next COVID19 booster due

  • Everyone should check you are up to date with your COVID-19 booster
  • Call HSElive to check when you are due your next booster

Today (Monday, 12 December 2022), the HSE is urging everyone and especially healthcare workers, people aged over 50 and anyone over 12 with an underlying health condition or who are immunocompromised to check they are up to date with their COVID-19 vaccine boosters.

If you are not sure when you are due your vaccine booster you can contact HSElive on 1800 700 700 for details.

At this time of the year, people are making plans to travel, socialise and visit friends and family. This is all the more reason to get your booster and help protect those who may be more vulnerable to the disease. It is also important to remember it can take up to 2 weeks to build up immunity once you have get a booster

Eileen Whelan, National Lead, Test, Trace and Vaccination Programme said: “As we prepare for the high levels of social interaction over Christmas, we should take action now to protect family, friends and ourselves. It is particularly important that all staff working in hospitals, in the community and in patients’ homes are up to date with their vaccines and in doing so help protect patients and our health services ahead of what we know will be a busy time for all our services. If you are not up to date, get your booster now.

“My message to all is not to delay and book your COVID-19 vaccine as soon as possible. Immunity from COVID-19 vaccination and previous COVID-19 infection decreases over time so getting your next dose when it’s due gives you the best protection from serious illness, and increases immunity against infection from COVID-19.”

To book your vaccination

Colm Henry, Chief Clinical Officer (CCO), HSE added: “We want everyone to keep well while protecting the most vulnerable parts of our population this winter. We are again urging people to get vaccinated, if eligible at this time, both to protect themselves and to protect others they may meet over the Christmas period who may be vulnerable to serious illness.

“If you are unsure when you are due a booster, please give @HSELive a call to check or you can look up the HSE website for the latest information. Give yourself, your family and friends the best chance possible against infection as we want you to stay safe and well this Christmas.”

Visit hse.ie for more information or call our team on HSElive on 1800 700 700 to check what booster you are due. More information is also available at ‘Get more information on the COVID-19 booster vaccine’.


Last updated on: 12 / 12 / 2022