HSE statement - severe weather preparation

The HSE National Crisis Management Team convened today and discussed planning and preparations for the severe cold weather expected this week.  The HSE Severe Weather Plan is already in place and continues to be implemented and as such, our services are at a heightened level of preparedness throughout the winter months. However, the HSE would stress that at a local and national level our services are likely to be impacted depending on the severity of the impact of the weather conditions.

On that basis we will be monitoring the situation on an hour by hour basis and using all channels of communications to update patients / clients and the general public regarding any changes or postponements that may be necessitated.  All updated information can be found on www.hse.ie/weatherwarning.

All services are currently proceeding as normal today, Tuesday. 

Over the coming days, we will continue to do everything possible to maintain all essential services, particularly services to vulnerable people at home in the community. We are appealing to people to check that they are stocked up with any medicines and health care supplies they may need this week. Remember you may not be able to get to a pharmacy if conditions are poor.

Where it is safe to do so, we are asking people to consider checking in on elderly or vulnerable members of the community, and to make sure they have supplies of food, fuel, water and medicines.

The HSE is a lead participant in the National Emergency Coordination Group and as part of ongoing preparations and surveillance we remain in constant contact with all appropriate Government Departments and agencies to ensure cooperation and support for the general public at this time.

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Last updated on: 27 / 02 / 2018