HSE weather statement

The HSE Severe Weather Plan is in place and the HSE stresses that at a local and national level our services are being impacted due to the severity of the weather conditions.

If you have a hospital, GP or health centre appointment today please contact the facility to ensure it is still taking place.  Do not make any unnecessary journeys and if you need to cancel a scheduled HSE appointment because you are unable travel, please make contact with the facility to advise them.  Check the HSE Website or HSELive for contact details of HSE services and facilities.

In light of the Red Alert status the HSE in Midlands Louth Meath Community Health Organisation has confirmed it will be focusing on essential services only as long as that status remains. All non-essential services are cancelled in that area until further notice.

The HSE is  monitoring the situation on an hour by hour basis and using all channels of communications to update patients / clients and the general public regarding any changes or postponements that may be necessitated.  All updated information can be found on www.hse.ie/weatherwarning.

The HSE will continue to do everything possible to maintain all essential services, particularly services to vulnerable people at home in the community. We are appealing to people to check that they are stocked up with any medicines and health care supplies they may need this week. Remember you may not be able to get to a pharmacy due to poor conditions.

Keep up to date with @HSELive on Twitter for all the latest regarding HSE services #weatherwarning #BeastFromTheEast

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Last updated on: 28 / 02 / 2018