HSE wins award for public sector innovation and start-ups collaboration

HSE Press Release: Tuesday 15th December 2020

At a virtual ceremony the International Chambers of Commerce and Mind the Bridge awarded the HSE the Global public sector innovation award. The HSE Digital Transformation team have adopted a next generation approach to Open Innovation. The HSE has adopted the novel Open Innovation 2.0 methodology where the Irish Digital Health ecosystem is aligned around a common digital innovation strategy “Stay Left, Shift Left” and uses a network of living labs to co-develop solutions in complex real world health environments.

‘Stay Left’ advocates for solutions which keep well people, well at home or if the person has a chronic condition, help the patient be managed best at home. Shift Left advocates for digital health solutions which move patients from an acute setting to a community setting to a home setting as quickly and efficiently as possible. The HSE has collaborated with start-ups/SMEs such patientMpower, RedZinc, S3 and PMD solutions to develop unique digital solutions to enable Stay Left, Shift Left.

In October, the HSE announced a network of digital living labs with further announcements earlier this month. A living lab is a user-centric research methodology and platform for sensing, prototyping, validating and refining complex solutions in multiple and evolving real-life health contexts. For example initial living lab focussed on Covid-19 respiratory sensing has evolved into a virtual respiratory ward which helps manage patients with conditions such as Cystic Fibrosis, COPD and IPF in their own homes.

Speaking about the award Paul Reid, CEO of the HSE said “We are delighted that the HSE has been recognised internationally for our work in open innovation. Using the Open Innovation 2.0 methodology enables us to rapidly develop transformational digital health solutions. This is substantial early evidence that the HSE is making good progress on our transformation journey.

Martin Curley, Director, HSE Digital Transformation stated “We have been very encouraged that the Irish digital health ecosystem have aligned around our ‘Stay Left, Shift Left” Digital Health Innovation Strategy. By involving all elements of the quadruple helix, government, industry, academia and patients we can co-develop better and quicker digital solutions which proactively improve the health of all our citizens.

Ian Talbot, CEO of Chambers Ireland and ICC Ireland said “We are very pleased to see that the HSE has been awarded the global Public Sector Innovation award by the International Chambers of Commerce and Mind the Bridge. This recognition alongside global household brands is an exceptional achievement in this most difficult of years.”



Last updated on: 15 / 12 / 2020