HSE wins Global Sepsis Award for its efforts to improve sepsis care in Ireland

1 October 2019

The HSE has won a global sepsis award for its “outstanding efforts to increase sepsis awareness and raise the quality of sepsis prevention and management”.  Dr Vida Hamilton, HSE National Clinical Advisor and Group Lead, Acute Hospitals collected the award on behalf of the HSE at the Global Sepsis Awards hosted by the Global Sepsis Alliance in Berlin, Germany on Monday 30th September, the last day of the HSE’s Sepsis Awareness Month in Ireland. 

The awards are granted in three categories; governments and healthcare authorities (which the HSE won), non-governmental organizations, patient advocate or healthcare provider groups, and individuals, consistent with the aims of the World Sepsis Declaration and the World Sepsis Day Movement.

The jury was particularly impressed with what the HSE has achieved in only a few years in Ireland, especially by improving recognition in the Emergency Department and in the in-patient, with all clinicians involved in acute patient care expected to recognize the at risk patient who is deteriorating due to infection and to start the Sepsis Six Bundle.

Since 2016, the HSE publishes an annual outcome report, demonstrating an absolute reduction of 5% in mortality (20% relative reduction) hospital-wide. Lastly, the jury was impressed by tests of maternity and paediatric sepsis programs which are currently being rolled out across Ireland, and which could serve as a blueprint for other healthcare systems and countries in the future.

Sepsis is complex and difficult to diagnose. It is the body’s abnormal response to infection that results in the body’s own immune system attacking its own tissues and organs and can be life threatening. Sepsis can develop from any infection and can affect anyone, but it is more common in the very young, the elderly, and people with pre-existing medical conditions or those with a weakened immune system.  One in five people who develop sepsis will die but with early recognition and treatment, the risk can be reduced.

Sepsis is a global healthcare problem. It remains the primary cause of death from infection, despite advances in modern medicine like vaccines, antibiotics, and intensive care.  It is more common than heart attack, and claims more lives than any cancer, even in the most developed countries.  See www.hse.ie/sepsis for more information.



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