Interagency group encourage ongoing awareness of COVID-19 prevention

Over recent months, an interagency group led by HSE/South East Community Healthcare and including An Garda Siochana , the Health and Safety Authority, Dept. of Social Protection, Citizens Information Board and the five Local Authorities in the South East has worked closely with workplaces represented by Meat Industry Ireland (MII) to raise awareness of how to avoid the spread of COVID-19. 

This initiative is aimed, not just at workplaces where cases of COVID-19 have presented or where ongoing regular testing is taking place but across food production plants in the South East.

The Interagency Group has launched three video clips aimed at prevention of Covid-19 in food production industries. These videos provide information and raise awareness of public health guidelines and service supports available to employees regarding COVID-19. Resources have been translated into thirteen languages.

Kate Killeen White, the Chief Officer of HSE/South East Community Healthcare said it was important to bridge any gaps there may be, as regards relevant reminders and resources easily accessible to cohorts of the labour force that aren’t as regularly in an audience reached by public health messaging.

See Kate’s five minute video clip (Youtube) which – with the aid of visuals – features a presentation of basic healthcare resources, pointers to the “basics” of Covid-19 prevention, a reiteration of advice on self-isolating and information on vaccines.

Derek Smart, the Chief Superintendent of the Tipperary Garda division also features in one of the videos. The Chief Superintendent said his members were conscious of the opportunity to engage on some of the expectations in place regarding efforts across all communities to fight the COVID-19 virus in Ireland.

See Chief Supt. Smart’s five minute video clip (Youtube) which also uses imagery aids and impresses the point that people need to take personal responsibility to avoid situations that are a risk to themselves, their family, their work colleagues and their friends.

A third video features targeted messaging to support employees to access Government and local supports they may need during the pandemic (YouTube). In it, a former processing plant employee and now professional athlete Sergiu Ciobanu draws attention to key Dept. of Social Protection supports that are available to those who can’t or shouldn’t be attending at their workplaces. Sergiu also outlines workplace supports from the Health and Safety Authority. Sergiu outlines several other practical points of assistance – including the Health and Safety Authority website and Workplace Contact Unit , Local Authority services and supports, the Citizen Information helpline and a HSE helpline for those in the Roma community. 

The Interagency group are hopeful that the videos will deepen the co-operation and understanding amongst employers, workers and their families and friends in the food production sectors in the South East and nationally.

Other resources which were developed as part of this interagency group are:

Video clips in various languages that have been made available by the HSE, aimed at encouraging participation in workplace serial testing for COVID-19.

The principal messages in each four minute video clip are delivered respectively by

Viewers are encouraged to participate in the free 15 second swab carried out at their workplaces, in the interests of keeping everyone safe – including family and friends of employees locally. Meat Industry Ireland (MII) has circulated the resources to all of its members who in turn have shared the material with their employees. The Department of Agriculture, Food and the Marine (DAFM) has also committed to share the information with all food processing establishments nationally.

Another video clip advising how to Stay Safe at Work (Youtube) includes the following is also available in the same thirteen languages as above detailing:

  • How often to change your mask
  • How to stay safe if travelling with others to work
  • How to stay safe if living with others
  • How to get a PPS number and make a social welfare claim if Covid positive .

Further Translated Resources to help share the messaging about Covid 19 is available from the HSE in these languages – in addition to Albanian, Arabic, (Mandarin) Chinese, Farsi (Persian/Iranian), Georgian, German, Greek, Hindi (India), Hungarian, Italian, Kurdish, Pashto (Afghani), Somali, Spanish, Tigrinya (Ethiopian), Urdu (India/Pakistan) and Yoruba (West Africa) 

The Health and Safety Authority has also produced Employee checklists for workers and Lead Worker Representatives, which have been translated into 28 languages 

Tá eolas comisitheach i dtaobh Covid 19 as Gailge ar fáil ón HSE 

The various agencies involved in the initiative have agreed to promote the video clips and they will be posted towards further sharing on the HSE’s online and social media accounts.


Last updated on: 01 / 04 / 2021