6 steps HSE staff must take to support cyber security measures

The HSE’s Office of the CIO (OoCIO) has been working to protect the digital health system of Ireland from the global cyber-attack that began on Friday 12 May. Several key actions have been taken by the HSE to maintain clinical capability to use digital solutions in place throughout the system. We're urging all staff to follow the 6 steps below, and show increased digital vigilance, to support the cyber security measures taken by OoCIO. If you notice anything unusual in relation to Health Systems call 0818 300 300.

Please follow these 6 steps:

  1. Turn on your computers, but don't log on immediately. Don't open email.
  2. When you turn on your machine, you should allow it to pull down the anti-virus solutions that have been deployed over the weekend. This will happen automatically, but could take around two hours to complete.
  3. Please make sure you share this message with your work colleagues. If your colleagues aren't at work today, please reboot their computer on their behalf.
  4. Stay away from email until further notice. You will be notified, when it is safe to use email again, either by text or in person from your IT representative.
  5. Even when you do regain access to your email, you should show increased digital vigilance. There will be a backlog of emails from Friday, and over the weekend, that could be infected.
  6. It's important to think before you click - if you don't know the source, don't click it. #ThinkB4uClick 

Contact IT immediately if:

your machine operates on Windows XP.


you haven't turned on your computer in the past 7 days.

You can contact IT by calling 0818 300 300.

Follow @HSELive and @eHealthIreland on Twitter, and the hashtag #ThinkB4uClick, for regular updates.

Video message from our CIO

More information:

Following a decision by HSE's Leadership on Friday evening to remove all external access to the HSE IT Network, access to external email has been removed from all threatened and targeted devices. There are approximately 1,500 devices that are considered either threatened or targeted devices. This includes devices that deliver diagnostic imaging (NIMIS) and Bio-Medical Device control machines.

Over the weekend, the HSE's Office of the CIO has been working closely with the organisations that deliver technology to the health system regarding assurance and levels of preparedness for this recent cyber-attack. Anti-Virus updates are currently being installed in these devices and a process of testing is underway. As there are approximately 1,500 devices it is expected that this process will take a number of days to complete.

The HSE's IT National Service Desk has been placed on high alert to support all staff queries and actions on this matter.

The HSE's Office of the CIO is working with all vendors to ensure that clinical staff can [and are urged to] continue to use digital solutions to support the delivery of care.

Staff have been extremely supportive during this difficult time. All Health Services staff are advised to have an increased level of digital vigilance while this cyber threat exists. They are advised "if you don't know the source, don't click it".

For further information visit the ehealthireland website.


Last updated on: 14 / 05 / 2017