New Software System to Ease Patient Journeys Through UL Hospitals - December 2016

Published: 01/12/16

CEO: Group creates eHealth Division to ensure patients benefit from technology and innovation

A NEW patient administration software system introduced across UL Hospitals Group will allow for more streamlined patient journeys; easier access to patients records by clinicians and a single identifier in all hospitals in the mid-west of Ireland.

UL Hospitals Group – comprising University Hospital Limerick, University Maternity Hospital Limerick, Ennis Hospital, Nenagh Hospital, St John’s Hospital and Croom Orthopaedic Hospital – has now rolled out the Integrated Patient Management System (iPMS) across all six sites. This replaces six previous systems in place for over two decades.

Speaking at the iPMS “Go-Live” event at University Hospital Limerick this Monday, Richard Corbridge, HSE Chief Information Officer and Chief Officer of eHealth Ireland, said: “Having an integrated iPMS system across the hospitals in the group provides a solid foundation to facilitate integration of other clinical information systems over time and is a building block for the Electronic Health Record.”

For UL Hospitals and its staff, the introduction of iPMS brings a number of advantages, including

· A single patient identifier for all hospitals in the group

· enhanced bed management

· improved access to patient information

Elizabeth Carrig, Senior Podiatrist, University Hospital Limerick, said the transition from the old Patient Administration System (PAS) to iPMS had gone smoothly in her service.“For podiatry, we run inpatient and outpatient services and we provide consultations in various clinical settings. With the new system, we are able to better record all of our activity, for example generating weekly clinical reports which we can then send on to the national clinical programme,” Ms Carrig said.

The rollout of iPMS coincides with the creation within UL Hospitals Group of an eHealth Division. The eHealth Division within UL Hospitals sees the consolidation of the group’s Information and Communications Technology (ICT) Department; the HIPE Department, which clinically codes activity data; and the Planning, Performance and Business Information (PPBI) Department, responsible for strategic and operational planning; performance management and data.

Colette Cowan, UL Hospitals Group CEO, said: “We are putting in place our own eHealth division to emphasise how important technology is in delivering patient care now and into the future.”

“Many have observed the paradox that while Ireland is home to the world’s biggest names in tech, we are playing catch-up in comparison to many OECD countries when it comes to investing in ICT in health. That is changing at a national level through the establishment of the eHealth Ireland and the Office of the Chief Information Officer. And at UL Hospitals we are ready, willing and able to be part of that transition.

“We have had a long and excellent working relationship with the Office of the CIO and that is important because we do not stand in isolation. We are part of the broader health service and as we care for the people of Ireland it is important that we deliver integrated care service that transcends divisional boundaries and historical geographic jurisdictions. Patients don’t, and shouldn’t have to, understand why we have barriers to sharing information. eHealth will facilitate our service providers to deliver the care that patients deserve, and that is why we must continue to align and participate fully in all the national programmes of the OoCIO."

Brian McKeon, Director of Informatics, Planning and Performance, eHealth Division, UL Hospitals Group, said: “I have worked in many private and public organisations in Ireland, Australia and the UK. You would find it hard to identify any project that had this scale of business process reengineering being delivered on time and within budget. Historically, and for many reasons ICT in the health sector has been criticised, but we have proven that given the opportunity we can deliver. This is due in no small part to the reconfiguration of the UL Hospital Group and its consolidated management structure, the excellent working relationship we have with the Office of the CIO and all its staff, and the talent and skill of our own staff in the UL Hospitals Group. I would also like to acknowledge our vendor CSC who were with us every step of the way and we look forward to continue working with them into the future. “

Photo by Brian Arthur : Captions:

At the At the launch of iPMS, a new patient administration software system introduced across UL Hospitals Group, were Martina Burns, ICT Project Manager, Office of the Chief Information Officer, HSE; Brian McKeon, Director of Informatics, Planning and Performance, eHealth Division, UL Hospitals Group; Colette Cowan, CEO, UL Hospitals Group; Richard Corbridge, Chief Information Officer, HSE; and Lesley Foley, iPMS Regional Implementation Manager, UL Hospitals.

Last updated on: 01 / 12 / 2016