"Christmas in Finglas: A Memoir" by Odin's Wood Day Care Centre - December 2016

Clients of Odin's Wood Day Care Centre take students of New Cross College for a trip down memory lane.

A new book 'Christmas in Finglas: A Memoir' was launched on Wednesday, 21st December at Odin's Wood Day Care Centre, Finglas.

The book was a joint initiative between the clients of Odin's Wood Day Care Centre in Finglas and students from New Cross College. Students from Class 2N, New Cross College visited the clients of Odin's Wood Day Care Centre over a period of six weeks and interviewed them about their lives and particularly their memories of Christmas. 33 clients ranging in age from 74 to 94 years took part. It was from these interviews that the book was created.

Odin's Wood Day Care Centre Residents_

The book is about Christmas past and the students comment on what they hear from the older person. Some of the comments from the students were as follows:

“The one thing all the people I spoke to love about Christmas is being with family and friends.”

“Most of the elderly folks, if not all of them said Christmas was much different back then. They said they would get one toy or new clothes, even sometimes an orange. They were much more grateful for what they got and it shows.”

Paula Bermingham, Centre Manager, Odin’s Wood Day Care Centre said " We love to see the young people coming to the centre bringing energy and eagerness and we enjoyed developing the inter-generational aspect of the initiative. This was a great opportunity for the clients of Odin’s Wood Day Care Centre to share their memories with the students".
Some of the memories they shared were:

“I was always happy with my presents at Christmas time and my first present was a teddy bear.”

“At Christmas time we were a happy family even though we didn’t have much money.”

“You appreciated what you got, regardless if it was a piece of fruit or a penny.”

Ciaran O Doherty, JCSP Librarian, New Cross College thanked Paula Bermingham, Centre Manager, Odin’s Wood Day Care Centre in Finglas for her enthusiasm and eagerness to take part in the project. He said “her help, patience and attention to detail throughout this project have been invaluable”. He also thanked the clients of Odin’s Wood who spoke to the students. He said “ they gave freely of their time and precious memories and we hope we have done them justice. Their patience, kindness and humour has left a lasting impression on our students and all of them have been enriched as a result of meeting their interviewees.”

The book was created as a Junior Certificate School Programme Demonstration Library Project Initiative by students from Class 2N in New Cross College Finglas. New Cross College funded the project. Copies of the book which cost €5 are available from the school library.

Last updated on: 22 / 12 / 2016