Pieta House to undertake the provision of three former Console services - with immediate effect: July 2016 News Archive

14th July 2016

The HSE was informed earlier today that the interim CEO for the charity Console, Mr David Hall, had filed a petition for a liquidator to be appointed to the charity Console. The HSE has provided funding to three services that up to today have been delivered by Console; the 24/7 Suicide Helpline, the Suicide Bereavement Liaison Service and the Suicide Bereavement Counselling Service.

The HSE, along with Mr Hall and a number of alternative service providers, have been engaged in contingency planning for a number of weeks in the event of Console ceasing to trade.  At 2.30 today, the HSE invited representatives from Pieta House to Dr Steevens’ Hospital to re-commence discussions that will see Pieta House undertake the provision of those three services, hitherto provided by Console, with immediate effect.

Anne O’Connor, HSE’s National Director for Mental Health acknowledged the importance of the three services to those who are or have been bereaved by suicide. She thanked the management and staff of Pieta House for agreeing to commence these services so promptly and highlighted the importance of ensuring that quality support is available to those service users currently availing of the three services. Ms. O’Connor also thanked David Hall for his tremendous work and energy since being appointed Interim CEO of Console and for being pivotal to the maintenance of support to the service users over the past number of weeks. She also expressed her sincere appreciation to the staff of Console who have continued to provide important services throughout the past number of weeks, during a period that must have been very distressing for them personally.

Commenting on the agreement, Pieta House Chief Executive Officer, Brian Higgins, said “Pieta House exists to serve people in crisis. We have a strong team at Pieta and will do everything possible to ensure that current users of the bereavement services will receive the same high quality service from Pieta House going forward.  For us, it is also crucial to assure our existing clients, supporters and staff that there will be no impact on the counselling services that we currently offer to people in suicidal crisis and people who self-harm.”

David Hall the former interim CEO for Console said that he is “delighted” that the recent discussions with the HSE and Pieta House have been successful and have” brought us to a point where the essential services, formerly provided by Console, will be available to those seeking bereavement counselling”. He encouraged all staff and service-users to be patient and to fully engage with Pieta House during this change period.

Last updated on: 14 / 07 / 2016