London symposium to mark 275th anniversary of Edward Worth Library

A collection of books housed in the HSE building, Dr Steevens' Hospital in Dublin, is to be the subject of an international symposium in the Royal Society, London later this year.

The symposium, to be held in November, will mark the 275th anniversary of the library's founding and details are on the Edward Worth Library's website at

The library was founded by physician and book collector Edward Worth (1678-1733) and houses 4,400 books dating back hundreds of years.

Work on the library's website has been led by the librarian Dr William McCormack.

It contains data-base catalogues of the books and one of these is a complete transcript of a catalogue originally compiled in the mid 1730s, when the books had been moved into the new hospital building.

There is also a modern catalogue, still in progress, for which every book is being re-catalogued by Assistant Librarian Elizabethanne Boran to the highest bibliographical standards.

As with most library catalogues, the easy way in is to check a particular author, and discover what books by him are preserved in the Worth Library.

The site also contains a short history of the Library and its founder and there is a feature dealing with eighteenth-century pictures associated with the Library and Dr Steevens' Hospital.

Last updated on: 07 / 08 / 2008