HSE Updates Staff Associations on Current Developments

July 3 2008

The Health Service Executive today (3rd July, 2008) met with the main staff representative bodies that represent the majority of staff working in the HSE and HSE funded agencies to brief them on current developments.

The HSE's National Director of Human Resources, Mr Sean McGrath, discussed with the staff associations the key financial challenge facing the HSE of addressing the difference between our annual budget and current spending patterns and highlighted the positive role the staff associations could make in addressing the issue.

Organisational modifications, which the HSE is planning to introduce, were also discussed.

These modifications will facilitate more local responsibility and authority and strengthen area structures within the national umbrella of the HSE. They will enable more clinical involvement in the design and management of patient services which will be a key driver in the enhancement of the quality of patient services. Finally, it was pointed out that the modifications will accelerate the integration of primary, community and acute care and the organisation's Transformation Programme.

Mr McGrath, today explained -


"These evolutionary changes will refine the way we are currently organised and build on the many achievements of staff. The proposed modifications will be introduced in a planned and measured way over the coming 18 months or so and a Change Management Team led by myself has been established for this purpose.


"Taking account of feedback from today's meeting with the staff representatives, as well as input from the senior management team and senior managers, we intend providing staff with more information on these changes early next week".






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