HSE - No Staff Embargo in the Health Services

11th June 2008

The Health Service Executive (HSE) today stated that contrary to recent public statements by the IMPACT Union leadership, there is no embargo on recruitment in place within the public health service. 

Since January 2008, over 3,400 posts have been approved to be filled which will bring the total number of staff employed across the HSE, Voluntary Hospitals and Voluntary Agencies to 128,000.

In short, recruitment continues to happen - with a large number of important Medical Consultant posts approved and advertised every week.

With regard to other recent claims by IMPACT, since last September (when the temporary recruitment pause was introduced until the end of 2007), the number of Speech & Language Therapists and Occupation Therapists employed has, in fact, increased.  This is further evidence that there is no recruitment embargo in place and demonstrates the HSE’s commitment to improving front-line services.

The HSE has invited IMPACT to meet with senior management next Monday, 17th June, to engage in dialogue with a view to agreeing a process towards resolving this dispute.

It is entirely regrettable that the IMPACT trade union has carried out an escalation of its industrial action.

Industrial disputes by their nature are designed to cause inconvenience. This dispute will eventually impact on patient services as the organisation’s ability to maintain important performance/non performance measurement processes are being targeted by the industrial action.

“There are tried and tested Industrial Relations mechanisms available to all parties to avail of -  if people are really willing to engage in a meaningful discussion about staffing in the health services. As a first step towards such a dialogue, we have invited IMPACT to meet with us next Monday”said Norah Mason, Assistant National Director, HSE Human Resources Directorate.




Last updated on: 11 / 06 / 2008