HSE Refutes IMPACT claims about Civil Registry weddings

June 17, 2008

The HSE today refuted any claims that there were staffing issues which threaten forthcoming weddings in Registry Offices.

In October 2007, the HSE agreed an overall staffing level of 63.5 staff with the IMPACT trade union in order to continue the roll out of the Civil Registration modernisation programme with a particular reference to off-site weddings.

As part of that agreement it was decided that a staffing level of 58.5 would be reached by July 2008, with the remaining posts being phased in throughout the rest of the year.

As of 30th May 2008, a staffing level of 55.5 had been achieved and the HSE is satisfied that arrangements are in train to achieve the agreed interim target of 58.5 in the coming weeks.

Senior management within the HSE are working with local management so that the overall agreed target of 63.5 is achieved by year end.

On this basis we are confident that we can meet all our commitments to the public, staff and unions.  There are no plans to cancel or defer scheduled appointments.

We would like to acknowledge to professionalism and commitment of all the staff in the Civil Registration Service in the East in progressing the modernisation programme and we look forward to working with staff and unions in reaching our agreed targets by year end.


Last updated on: 18 / 06 / 2008