HSE Welcomes Past and Present Patients to Newly Renovated Haematology & Oncology Chemotherapy Day Unit at WRH



The Health Service Executive is inviting patients, past and present, to join them at the opening of the new and improved facilities for patients with cancer at Waterford Regional Hospital.

A substantial programme of works was recently completed at WRH, which has culminated in an expansion by 50% of the Haematology & Oncology Chemotherapy Day Unit there. Simultaneously, an adjacent medical ward was upgraded at a cost of €1.25 million.

WRH management are inviting patients and their families, staff past and present and those involved in the recent renovation and construction work – as well as members of the public who have contributed towards the development of oncology services in the hospital – to join them at 4.00pm on Friday June 27th at the opening of the improved facilities.

The Waterford Healing Arts Trust has also been involved in the Haematology & Oncology Chemotherapy Day Unit redesign project. “Sky 1-32” is a series of photographic images of the sky by Michael Durand, which was commissioned by the Waterford Healing Arts Trust in partnership with the Medical 4 Ward and funded by private donations to the ward. The images are presented as wall-based framed pieces and back-lit ceiling images. The central piece is a large and striking image of a jet trail at the Nurses’ station. Some of the images are taken from airplanes and are named after the destination Michael was flying to at the time. The images were selected by staff, patients and visitors during a consultation process in late 2007.

The HSE’s South East Hospital Network Manager Richie Dooley said, in advance of the launch, that the increased capacity at the Haematology & Oncology Chemotherapy Day Unit and the upgrading of the medical ward would benefit patients with cancer throughout the South East. He added that it was part of an ongoing programme of works to develop and enhance cancer treatment services at Waterford Regional Hospital.

WRH General Manager Patricia Sullivan said that whilst the HSE has continued to fund developments, staff at the hospital were grateful of the support of fundraising in the community. She congratulated everyone involved in the renovation and upgrading project and paid tribute to hospital staff who provide a professional, caring and compassionate service to patients with cancer and their families every day.

Those interested in attending the launch at WRH’s Medical 4 area on Friday June 27th at 4.00pm are asked to confirm their attendance with the office of the Oncology Services Manager at (051) 848 000.

Last updated on: 24 / 06 / 2008