New parking charges at Kerry General Hospital

The volume of traffic in Kerry General Hospital (KGH) requires careful management and planning to ensure traffic flow is kept moving and that access for patients, visitors and staff is made as efficient as possible. 

During peak times, the demand for car parking spaces can exceed supply.  In order to ensure the maximum use of a limited resource and encourage turnover in the use of each space an hourly parking charge was introduced in KGH in 2004.  

New car parking charges are being introduced for hospital visitors from 4th June 2008.

For the first 20 minutes parking will remain free of charge and, thereafter, a charge of €2.00 per hour up to a maximum of €10.00 per day, will apply. No charge will be incurred if a visitor exits the car park within 20 minutes of arrival, which will allow them to drop someone off or pick someone up.

KGH General Manager, Margie Lynch, said “This is the first increase since fees were introduced for car parking in KGH in 2004. Car parking charges allow for the ongoing development of traffic management on the hospital campus ensuring the budget allocated to the hospital goes directly to the patient and service development and serve to maximise the use of a very scarce resource by encouraging turnover in the use of space.”

A system will operate to provide a seven day discounted parking at a cost of €35 a week.

Last updated on: 11 / 06 / 2008