Clifden Day Hospital Celebrate 10th Anniversary

22nd May 2008

HSE West's Clifden Day Hospital recently celebrated their 10th Anniversary. The celebrations coincided with their Bealtaine celebrations, which are held every year during the month of May. A range of activities took place to mark this celebration, including butter making, making boxty and silk painting. Clients also painted on stones, which were placed in the hospital's garden following the celebrations.

The celebrations included music, song and prayers. Bernie Coyne, Director of Nursing, Clifden Day Hospital said, "There is always a great atmosphere here during these celebrations, as it brings back lots of memories to people . The Bealtaine celebrations along with the creative activities we do every day promotes confidence and enthusiasm among our clients."

There are currently 86 people attending Clifden Day Hospital weekly, from 65 years to 95 years of age, with the majority of people in our care aged between 85 to 95 years of age. Clifden Day Hospital can provide for people within a 15 mile radius of the town. A bus service is provided to all people in our care that require this service. Lunch is provided at a cost of €5 per day as well as soup/tea in the morning and tea again before people go home in the evening.

Clifden Day Hospital provides a range of services to people attending on a day time basis. Some of these services include:

  • Medical advice, review and referral
  • Companionship in a positive and social environment
  • Links with relevant community services e.g. carer relief and support
  • Sessional physiotherapy, chiropody, audiology orthotics clinics, hairdressing
  • Group recreational activities; including daily exercise sessions to music, memory games, bingo, painting, reminiscence, gardening, news page group session.
Last updated on: 22 / 05 / 2008