HSE Invests in Palliative Care Services

13th May 2008


Significant ongoing resources are being provided by the HSE for the delivery of palliative care services by a range of statutory and voluntary palliative care providers across the country on an annual basis.


As was confirmed at today's Oireachtas Health Committee Meeting, this year the HSE will invest a further €3m towards palliative services which will incorporate the recruitment of more than forty additional multidisciplinary staff members. This investment is in addition to the €6m which was invested during 2006 and 2007.


Five Year Palliative Care Services Development Plan

Currently, a multi annual five year plan for the development of palliative care services is being completed by the HSE, with significant involvement from the voluntary sector. This plan will provide for revenue and capital investment in order to ensure equitable provision of services across all parts of the country.


The decision to undertake this plan was based on discussions between the Minister for Health & Children, the HSE and bodies such as the Irish Hospice Foundation, the Irish Cancer Society and the Irish Association of Palliative Care.


It is intended that the plan will be complete by the end of June will provide a very sound planning framework for the sourcing and investment of additional resources. To date, the HSE's four administrative areas - with the full participation of voluntary and statutory palliative care providers - have developed a set of key priorities for addressing gaps in service provision over the next five years.


The next stage, which is currently underway, will allow for the completion of one overall national plan. This will prioritise developments over a five year period. This will take a patient centred approach and ensure that patients' particular and unique needs are addressed in a holistic manner.


The success of multi annual investment planning in other areas has shown that they provide a very sound basis for the strategic development of services. For example, such plans have been used in the areas of intellectual disability, cardiovascular health and cancer services. It is hoped that the successes in these areas can be replicated in palliative care.





Last updated on: 14 / 05 / 2008