HSE on Target to Deliver 3000 Long Stay Beds by 2013


26th May 2008


15 More Primary Care Centres to be Announced within the Next 8 Weeks and advertisement for additional centres to be placed in early June


The Health Service Executive (HSE) today announced that its programme to develop more community-based long stay beds for elderly people is on target to deliver more than 3,000 beds by 2013 involving an investment of in the region of €600 million.


It also announced that its programme to develop centres to support the development of over 500 Primary Care Teams was also progressing.


Mr Brian Gilroy, National Director of the HSE's Estates Directorate, today emphasised -


"Significant funding is being provided from our capital programme to increase the number of long-stay beds and infrastructure to support the roll-out of Primary Care Teams across the country.


"Our objective is to get these projects developed as soon as possible. We are using a multi-site design build programme (using the same design in each location which speeds up the process) to fast track the development of community nursing units - each with approximately 50 beds.


"In relation to centres to support Primary Care Teams, as well as developing our own Primary Care Centres, we have sought expressions of interest from developers to provide over 131 centres. We received more than 450 proposals".


"Proposals for centres in the top priority locations in each region have now been assessed and we have entered discussions with the bidders. We are confident that this process will result in the successful procurement of approximately 15 Primary Care Centres within the next 8 weeks.


"Submissions for the priority 2 locations will be assessed in the next 4 weeks and we are confident that this will result in the successful negotiation of leases on other Primary Care Centres.


"Another advertisement for additional locations will be placed in the National newspapers in early June".


Primary Care Teams


The National Development Plan 2007-2013, the Programme for Government and Towards 2016 all prioritise the need to provide better access to all healthcare services with particular emphasis on Primary Care. This priority is reflected in the HSE's 2008 National Service Plan which has put great emphasis on the implementation of the National Primary Care Strategy and to continue to create additional Primary Care teams.


The HSE's Estates Directorate, working with Primary Community and Continuing Care services, has developed a generic model Primary Care Centre brief to accommodate Priority 1, Priority 2 and Priority 3 Primary Care Teams (and their associated GPs) in line with the Primary Care Strategy.


It is intended that these Primary Care Centres will be provided through expressions of interest as outlined above.


In addition to this development, the HSE will continue to develop Primary Care Centres in the traditional manner. These include (amongst others):


- Pearse St. Dublin Under construction

- Irishtown, Dublin Under construction

- Millbrook Lawns, Tallaght Under construction

- Ballinagh, Cavan Complete

- Westbury, Clare Under construction

- Glenamaddy Under construction

- Inchicore, Dublin Design

- Sean McDermott St., Dublin Tender

- Inishboffin Design

- Ballyfermot Planning

- Athlone Planning

- Chamber House Tallaght Built and being fitted out

- Nenagh Under construction

- Dundrum Built and being fitted out



A comprehensive briefing note on current progress with regard to Primary Care Teams can be found below.


Community Nursing Unit Programme 2007 to 2013


The HSE is committed to the development of a Community Nursing Unit provision programme to last for the duration of the National Development Plan. This will see a minimum of €100m per year invested in the building of new units to provide additional and replacement beds. This takes account of the poor condition of much of our existing facilities.


This programme combines projects procured on a multi-site design build programme while also continuing to procure facilities in the traditional manner. The briefs for these units combine a new model of care creating less institutional environments while going beyond the new HIQA "National Quality Standards for Residential Care Settings for Older People".


Under this programme:


- 410 beds were delivered in 2007


- 480 beds will be provided in 2008;


- A minimum of 2,500 beds will be delivered between 2009 and 2013.


The beds provided in 2007 and planned in 2008 are outlined in the attached spreadsheet above.


The locations of these beds are based on a national review which was carried out to establish the deficits, service review and needs assessment for community nursing provision.










Roll out of Primary Care Teams




Following an extensive planning exercise by the HSE, a total of 530 Primary Care Teams and 134 Networks have been identified for development by 2010. The target set for 2008 is to progress the development of 97 Primary Care Teams to fully functioning stage.



Progress to date:


In order to monitor the progress of Team development, the HSE has developed a scale to enable progress to be overseen on a number of indicators i.e., clinical meetings etc. For the 97 teams in development, including the 10 pilot teams, the end of April position is as follows:


- 70 PCTs are holding Clinical Meetings;

- 94 PCTs have initial team members identified;

- 52 PCTs have new posts in place;

- 56 PCTs have existing staff configured to geographical areas;

- 94 PCTs are holding team development meetings;

- 67 PCTs have protocols developed for Clinical Meetings;

- 68 PCTs have local protocols in place for team inter-referrals.


The emphasis in 2008 will be developing to 100% all of the key team development deliverables. There will be a renewed focus on maintaining simplicity of operation within the teams with a strong emphasis on maximising the benefits of clear communication protocols within the team. There are several other teams at different states of development, many of whom have also agreed guidelines and protocols.



Staff Recruitment and Reconfiguration:


The foundation stone to achieving the Transformation objectives is the significant reconfiguration of staff within the Primary, Community and Continuing Care, based on the development and roll out of Primary Care Teams and Heath and Social Care Networks.


This process has already commenced and approximately 630 HSE allied health professionals have been assigned to Primary Care Teams. In addition there are over 500 GPs assigned to Primary Care Teams in various stages of development together with a number of practice nurses and other GP practice resources.


A total of 298 new posts were allocated in 2006 for the development of Primary Care Teams. 182 of these new posts have been filled and allocated to Primary Care Teams across the country. The remaining 116 vacant posts will be filled and assigned to teams and 61 of these posts are at advanced stages of recruitment.


A total of 94 teams have core team members identified comprising of GPs, Practice Nurses, Public Health Nurses, Registered General Nurses, Occupational Therapists, Physiotherapists and home help personnel.


Depending on local need, other disciplines such as Speech & Language Therapists, Psychologists, Social Workers, Community Welfare Officers and Dieticians are also included on the team. This staff complement includes newly appointed staff and existing staff which have been realigned to Primary Care Teams.


In relation to 2007 development posts, a further 300 new posts have been allocated. Emphasis is currently placed on filling all of the outstanding 2006 posts and it is envisaged that recruitment of these additional 300 posts will commence towards the end of the year.


These additional posts will be allocated to 100 additional Primary Care Teams throughout the country to enhance the staff which will also have been reconfigured to these teams.


Priority has been placed on all Local Health Offices to progress the filling of any unfilled development posts and extensive efforts have commenced to realign existing staff to Primary Care Teams over the coming months.



Infrastructural Development:


In order to address the accommodation issue for Primary Care Teams, submissions were sought by the HSE in late 2007 from individuals/companies who were developing or were planning to develop health facilities at 131 locations which would facilitate the delivery of primary health care in conjunction with local GPs.


The HSE has short-listed the applications received by those who satisfied the criteria with an emphasis being placed on GPs being located in the primary care centres. The remaining primary care centres are currently been progressed in a similar swift modular fashion.


In addition, the HSE will shortly be advertising for submissions from individual/companies developing health centres in a new list of locations.


Further short term/long term lease arrangements will be required to support the roll out of Primary Care Teams. The HSE has put in governance arrangements to sanction, approve, produce and manage all such projects and related contract of professional services.


A process of fast tracking applications for short term leases is currently being explored and this will further enhance the process of securing suitable accommodation to facilitate Primary Care Teams.



Last updated on: 26 / 05 / 2008