HSE West warns Householders not to be ‘taken in’ by some Water Companies

30th May 2008

HSE West has today (30th May) issued a warning to householders in Co. Mayoto be on their guard regarding certain water companies who are trying to sell water treatment kits that are not needed. Some of these companies carry out telephone surveys to try to see which householders are more likely to be concerned about their drinking water quality and follow these up with visits to your home and engage in what has been described as a hard sell.

Cathal Kearney, Principal Environmental Health Officer for Mayo, says: Some of these companies are using deceptive methods to convince householders that their water is unsafe by carrying out on-the-spot tests on their drinking water. Some of these tests simply show whether there are chemicals in the water. They then do the same tests on distilled water and find that, as one would expect, there is little reaction in this test. All but distilled water carries chemicals naturally from the earth. However, very few of these chemicals are harmful in any way. I believe some companies are deliberately trying to frighten householders so that they can sell their products.

Householders in Co. Mayo should make sure that they know the detail of the supply that they use as drinking water. If they have any doubts about the quality of their drinking water, they should contact the Local Authority, the HSE or the organisers of the scheme, if it is a private group water scheme.

The HSE has received many phone calls from worried householders who have been told that their drinking water is dangerous and who have consequently bought kits costing up to €3,000, with additional recurring maintenance costs. Many householders who have purchased these kits are angry when they find out that their drinking water is perfectly safe, and that these expensive kits often remove natural chemicals that can even be beneficial to health.



Further information: Mary Garvin, HSE West Communications; Phone 091 77 5474

Last updated on: 06 / 06 / 2008