New Support Facility for Patients with Cancer at CUH

A new dedicated Information & Support Room for patients with cancer receiving radiation therapy treatment will be officially opened at Cork University Hospital (CUH) on Thursday next 15th May 2008 at 5.00pm.

The new room, located in the Radiation Therapy Department, will ensure patients and family members can receive information and support in a relaxed setting at an appointed time. Patients due to start radiation therapy will meet with the Information and Support radiation therapist who will explain the treatment and planning involved, as well as the expected side effects and the support structures and services available to them. Patients can also phone the Information & Support Room on(021) 4920054.

Clara Cremin, Information and Support Radiation Therapist at CUH said “often patients need reassurance about their treatment as it can be an anxious time for them. Now that the Information and Support Room is open, patients are given the time and space to be reassured; they are therefore, more relaxed and less anxious about their forthcoming treatment. Patients can also be referred to other services such as medical social work, psych-oncology and counselling if required” added Ms Cremin.

A DVD, ‘Understanding Radiation Therapy – A Patient Pathway’, which was written and directed by Radiation Oncology Department staff at Cork University Hospital is also available to assist and educate patients who are considering or preparing for radiotherapy. The DVD is offered on loan to all new patients.

The Friends of CUH have very generously funded the furnishing of the room. Chairperson of the Friends of CUH, Margaret Canning said “making the hospital experience easier and less stressful for patients and their families is a key objective for the friends of CUH. This new facility fits perfectly with this objective and we are delighted to be able to contribute and participate practically toward this very worthwhile project”.


Last updated on: 15 / 05 / 2008