Bug Buster Programme

The Bug Buster Programme, an initiative to tackle head lice in children, has commenced in schools in the North Dublin area.

As part of the programme Public Health Nursing Staff are visiting national schools to inform and educate pupils about the prevention and treatment of head lice. This comprehensive education programme on the life cycle of the head louse incorporates the use of bug busting kits. Bug Busting Kits are comprised of a packet of special fine combs that are used to comb the hair when washing with regular shampoo and conditioner and can be used repeatedly by all family members. All families who have participated and completed the education programme receive a bug busting kit.

Head lice (pediculus capitis) are parasitic agents and are and age old problem. They are considered a significant communicable disease and can cause distress and anxiety to children and their families.

Ms Joyce Ormsby, Assistant Director, of Public Health Nursing explained; “The Bug Buster Programme is a collaborative approach between health care personnel, children, parents/guardians and primary schools. It seeks to assist with the early detection and prevention of head lice by utilising natural treatment remedies in a cost effective manner. The programme is a direct response to the demand for this service as over 50% of the 92 primary schools in the area have requested the programme. ”

The roll out of the bug busting initiative follows the recent publication of a joint research studyIntroducing Bug Busting: An Action Research Study to Treat and Prevent Head Lice completed by UCD School of Nursing, Midwifery and Health Systems in partnership with the HSE PCC Dublin North/ East. The research report is available to download below.


Last updated on: 13 / 10 / 2008