HSE acknowledges that given the financial constraints facing the country, 2009 will be challenging for the HSE


Tuesday, October 14,



Following the publication of the budget today, the next step for the HSE will be to finalise our 2009 Service Plan during the coming weeks. This will summarise the type and volume of services we will be providing next year in line with our strategic direction and the key objectives outlined in our Corporate Plan 2008-2011.


At a broad level, our priority will be on providing safer services and improving the experiences people have when availing of these services by developing more integrated care practices, concentrating resources on services that are the most efficient and securing better value for services purchased from external providers.


We will also be maintaining our efficiency drive in all areas, reducing and consolidating our processes and driving best value from our resource to minimise the potential impact on frontline services.


We intend protecting as a matter of priority the development of community services which allow us to modernise the way our acute hospital services function.


Professor Drumm CEO of the HSE said: "These challenges will require all of us who work in the HSE and the many HSE funded agencies to be selfless and put patient safety and the community's needs first."


Last updated on: 14 / 10 / 2008