Recommendation on the location of the new North East Regional Hospital

Following a series of clinical incidents in the North East region, the Health Service Executive commissioned Teamwork Management Services Ltd to review hospital services in the region and to provide an action plan for achieving the best possible acute care for patients in the North East counties of Cavan, Louth, Meath and Monaghan based on international evidence and practice.

The resultant report by Teamwork published in June 2006 concluded that the hospital system in the region, whereby five local hospitals serving relatively small populations were delivering services for people with severe illness or disease, was exposing patients to increased risks. Teamwork concluded that this configuration was not serving the community well, was unsustainable and had to change.

In order to provide easily accessible and sustainable local and regional services, Teamwork recommended a three stranded action plan based upon international quality standards:

 The development of local services, with the existing five hospitals and primary and community care providers playing central roles;

 Binding these local and regional services together through a series of clinical networks which are centred on the needs of patients; and

 The development of a new regional acute hospital.

In response to the review by Teamwork, the HSE established a North East Steering Group to quickly address the issues highlighted that required immediate attention, and to develop a comprehensive plan for the accomplishment of the recommendations made.

The HSE also initiated a process to identify the location for the new regional hospital as recommended in the Teamwork Report.

Following a public tender process, The Health Partnership was selected by the Health Service Executive to carry out the location study for the new regional hospital in the North East. In carrying out the location study, The Health Partnership was required to take into account international best practice, existing national strategy and health policy documents including the Teamwork Report. Additionally The Health Partnership was required to give detailed consideration to a number of key issues and criteria including the geography of the North East, accessibility in terms of distance and travel time of patients, current and future population growth and planning considerations.

The report of The Health Partnership was presented by HSE Management to the HSE Board at its meeting on Wednesday, 9th April 2008. The Board noted that The Health Partnership Report recommended Navan as the location in the North East for the new regional hospital. The report will now be considered by the HSE and the Department of Health and Children in the context of ensuring high quality services for the people in the north east region.

Parallel to the commissioning and finalisation of The Health Partnership's report, work has been on-going and is continuing within the North East to improve services for patients in line with the Teamwork Report. The Board reaffirmed the urgent need to continue to advance the key improvements already being worked on in the region to reshape and integrate community and hospital services, so that the people of the North East will have access to better quality and safer services.

The Health Partnership Report is available below.

Last updated on: 13 / 05 / 2008