Nurse recruitment event shows nurses want to work in the Irish health system - December 2016

HSE three day nurse recruitment event shows nurses want to work in the Irish health system

- over 190 nurses attended for interview or career advice

- 115 nurses have been deemed suitable and offered permanent contracts


The three day nurse recruitment event organised by the HSE, and aimed at nurses home for the Christmas period, ended today, Friday 30th December 2016 with over 190 nurses having presented for interview or career advice. Over 150 were interviewed and 102 offered permanent contracts subject to all necessary clearances and required documentation. At a similar event in Waterford yesterday 13 nurses were offered permanent contracts bringing the total to 115.


Commenting on the number of nurses attending, Rosarii Mannion, HSE National Director for HR said, “the purpose of this specific recruitment initiative was to target people home for Christmas who may be thinking about returning to Ireland either immediately or later in the year. We wanted to send out the clear message that the HSE is open for recruitment again following the period of austerity we have come through over the last number of years.


“I am well aware that many Irish nurses had to move to the UK and other countries to find work because of the public service recruitment moratorium, but the good news is that we are now hiring again. The attendance over the last three days is evidence that nurses want to work in our health system which is very encouraging. This recruitment event is the first of a number of such initiatives that will take place around the country in 2017 as we look to fill the 1,000 nursing vacancies we currently have. The last three days have been a great start".



Last updated on: 30 / 12 / 2016