People aged 30 to 39 invited for their COVID-19 booster vaccine

HSE Press Release: Wednesday 29th December

Booster dose for people aged 30 years and over at walk-in clinics, booking online or by appointment

Booster doses for 16-29 year olds who received Jansse

From today (Wednesday, 29th December 2021), the HSE is inviting people aged 30 – 39 who have already completed their primary course of COVID-19 vaccine for their booster dose. People aged 16-29 who received a Janssen primary dose will also be invited for a booster vaccine, in line with NIAC guidance. We encourage everyone to avail of your booster dose when offered as it gives you the best protection from serious illness caused by COVID-19.

When it is time for your vaccination, you can:

  • come to a HSE walk-in vaccination clinic for your age group or you will get a text message from the HSE with a scheduled appointment. See times and locations of the walk-in vaccination centres here.
  • book a booster appointment online at some HSE vaccination clinics, check the locations on
  • get your booster vaccine at a participating pharmacy, or from some GPs who are vaccinating their patients.

What to bring?

Please bring a photo ID with you. ID can include one of the following: passport, driver’s licence, Garda age card, student/school ID etc., but if your ID doesn't include your date of birth, please bring proof of your DOB (e.g. your Birth Cert).

If you are a healthcare worker and attending a walk-in clinic, please also bring evidence of your place of work as you will not be able to get your booster dose without it.

What vaccine is available?

For people aged 30-39, you will be offered a single dose of an mRNA vaccine (Pfizer BioNTech or Moderna) vaccine. You can get these vaccines even if you got a different type vaccine for your primary course (AstraZeneca, Janssen, Pfizer or Moderna). 

The booster dose should be given at a minimum of a 3 month interval from a person’s last dose of a primary COVID-19 vaccine (Pfizer BioNTech, Moderna or AstraZeneca) so please ensure you are at least 3 months post second dose as this will be checked at the vaccination centre.

If you have had the single-dose Janssen vaccine and in an eligible age group or risk group eligible for a booster COVID-19 vaccine at this time, you need to wait at least 3 months before attending for your booster COVID-19 dose.

If you had COVID-19 since you were vaccinated, you should get your booster dose at least 3 months after your positive COVID-19 test result. More information on the COVID-19 booster vaccine is available here.

Those 40 years and over will be also be accommodated at our walk-in clinics and we encourage those in this eligible age cohort to come forward for their booster dose.

Scheduled appointments continue

As part of the booster COVID-19 vaccine programme, scheduled appointments for eligible groups to attend a vaccination centre will continue to be issued. People will receive a text message with the relevant appointment details and we encourage everyone to attend, or to use the instructions in the text to change them.

How to cancel or change your appointment

If you want to cancel your appointment, reply to your appointment text with the word 'REJECT.'

If you cannot attend your appointment, you can ask for a new one.  Reply to the text message we sent you with the word 'NEW'. If you would like to change to a different vaccination centre:

It may not be possible to go to the same vaccination centre where you were vaccinated before.

We are also strongly urging those who have not yet receive a primary COVID-19 vaccine dose, to consider attending one of walk in clinics for dose 1 or dose two of the vaccine, which continue to operate or register for an appointment here.




Last updated on: 29 / 12 / 2021