Positive news from HSE feedback pathway, Your Service Your Say

Encouraging a culture of patient safety, care, compassion and openness across the health service ensures that issues and trends identified by both the HSE and the Patients have a positive effect on service improvement.

An example of this was when a service user contacted the HSE feedback pathway, Your Service Your Say (YSYS), in December 2020 to make a complaint that community physiotherapy services had ceased in March 2020 and had not yet been reinstated.  The service user considered her routine physiotherapy vital to her overall wellbeing and management of her condition, and consequently, her quality of life had diminished considerably as her condition was worsening due to lack of treatment.  The service user outlined also that no indication of how long the service would be closed for had been provided to patients, and no alternative treatment options had been offered.

The complaint was investigated by a delegated Complaints Officer in line with the YSYS policy.  It was found that the temporary closure of community physiotherapy in March 2020 was due to staff redeployment to the national COVID 19 response efforts.  Communication with services users who were affected by the closure had not taken place due to the haste of the redeployment rollout and the evolving COVID19 situation nationally.

The Complaints Officer made recommendations in the areas of communication and service provision.  The recommendations were accepted by the Head of Primary Care and implemented, and the service reopened shortly after this.

In February 2022, the Physiotherapy Manager in charge received a call from the service user to say that her physiotherapy treatment has changed her life - she has no pain now, her condition has improved significantly and she only requires treatment twice a year.  She is out walking every day and is feeling really good about herself and life.  Previously she needed treatment every month and was in constant pain and unable to walk other than around the house.

This shows the commitment of the service to continue to develop and improve services by supporting people who wish to make a complaint about the care they are receiving.

Philip Judge, Consumer Service Manager said, “The continuing commitment in Community Healthcare Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan, Sligo to support service users through our feedback process assuring a responsive, compassionate and open approach which not only supports improvement to the patient care but the overall service being provided. Service User feedback enables us in  Community Healthcare Cavan, Donegal, Leitrim, Monaghan, Sligo to listen to our service users, respond to our service user needs, learn from feedback and improve services. The above feedback demonstrates that negative feedback in the form of a complaint can have a positive result.”

Last updated on: 01 / 04 / 2022