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Re: HIQA Inspection - Cloghan – OSV 0008154

Cloghan is a designated centre managed by the Health Service Executive (HSE). Cloghan provides full time residential care and support to three residents with an intellectual disability. The designated centre is comprised of a three bedded single-storey house. The centre is located in a residential area of a town and is in close proximity to amenities such as shops, leisure facilities and coffee shops. Residents are supported by a staff team of both nurses and care assistants.

The centre was inspected by the Health Information Quality Authority (HIQA) on February 29th and March 1st 2024 and the report was published on the HIQA website on June 19th 2024.

On the day of inspection the inspector got the opportunity to speak with four staff at the centre. The inspector noted that staff were knowledgeable about the support needs of each resident living in Cloghan designated centre.  Staff talked about residents’ individual needs and communications.  Staff were observed supporting residents in line with their individual care plans and in a respectful manner.

At inspection twelve regulations were inspected of which six regulations were deemed to be fully compliant with standards, five substantially compliant and one not compliant.

The HSE has taken the following actions to ensure that all areas of the service at Cloghan designated centre are in full compliance with the regulations:

  • The HSE HR department has made an appointment to the position of Clinical Nurse Manager 1 for the centre.
  • The Personal Emergency Evacuation Plans have been reviewed and updated for all residents in the centre.
  • All of the centre’s staff are scheduled to complete communication training.
  • Each resident within the Cloghan designated centre will be supported by staff with personal financial statements.
  • The service will continue to work with all residents to source accommodation that meets their needs in line with their will and preference.

The HSE will continue to work to deliver a high standard of quality care to the residents of Cloghan centre.

Last updated on: 19 / 06 / 2024