Residents move to their new home in Inishowen

HSE Media Release: 31 March 2021

Three people with disabilities moved to their new home in Carndonagh. Planning has been underway for some time with regard to understanding from the residents what type of home would best suit them and looking at who would want to live together.  A wide range of HSE Disability Services staff has been involved in this process. The allocation of additional funding from national HSE to CHO1 has supported this move to new accommodation and the additional staffing required to provide residents with the necessary supports.

The move is in line with national policy as detailed in the “Time to move on from Congregated Settings” report. The report recommends that people who live in congregated settings should move to their own homes in the community with the support they need. HSE services have been working with people with a disability, their families and advocacy services to progress this move to community living. This involved identifying where people would like to live, who they would like to live with and the activities they would like to be involved in within their community.

Disability Services Manager, Anita Gallagher commented “it is a very positive development to see people moving out of a large congregated setting to a smaller group home. It shows a real commitment to enabling people to live within their community. On behalf of all the local staff in Inishowen Disability Services and wider HSE management team we wish all three people well in their new home and every good wish for their future.”

Edel Quinn, Head of Service for Disabilities, CHO1 thanked all staff who had worked tirelessly to assist with this first stage in the provision of community based housing for residents in the James Connolly Memorial Unit. She noted that “a lot of work has been undertaken by HSE staff in preparing the new building and making sure it is a welcome space to move to. The move by the three residents to their new home has been eagerly awaited so that they can begin the next chapter of their lives. This is the start of a journey in developing and providing community housing for people with a disability in Inishowen. Community living promotes a social and human rights based model of care which is fundamental in supporting people with disabilities to live their best lives”.

The HSE’S Corporate Plan 2021-24 was referenced by John Hayes, Chief Officer CHO1 as he welcomed the move for the three residents. “The recently published Corporate Plan states that we will support people with disabilities to live a full life in the community with access to a range of person-centred community services and supports, across their life spans. The plan states that we will reduce the number of people living in institutional settings, by providing more appropriate community-based accommodation. CHO1 Disability Services look forward to progressing with further developments in support of community living. My thanks to all involved in the move and most importantly thank you to the residents and their families for their inputs as we progress such developments.”

Last updated on: 31 / 03 / 2021