Statement by Professor Brian MacCraith, Chairperson, CervicalCheck Rapid Review

“Yesterday I met with the CEO of the HSE, Paul Reid, and agreed with him that I would undertake an independent review of specific issues that have been the subject of much public commentary since last week in relation to the CervicalCheck screening programme.

My Review, which commenced today, will proceed according to the Terms of Reference published yesterday. The Review will examine the series of events within the Cervical Check programme that occurred following reported IT issues in Quest Diagnostics relating to the HPV test expiration for a number of women and the retesting process. The period of the Review will be from the time the IT issues first emerged up to, and including, the public reporting of these issues on the 11th July 2019. The scope of the Review is confined to those events. The HSE CEO impressed upon me the need for the Review to be completed as quickly as possible and, with that in mind, I have committed to reporting to him by August 2nd.

In relation to the Review, I want to clarify a number of matters.

  1. The Review is independent and is being carried out solely by me. Otherwise I would not have agreed to take on this role
  2. In order to collect the information I require to conduct the Review as quickly as possible, I will be supported by a number of HSE staff. These staff will be working solely under my direction in this matter.
  3. The HSE CEO and I have agreed that I will have access to any external expert advice that I may require during the course of the Review
  4. In order to ensure that the concerns of patient representatives inform the process of the Review, I have commenced discussions with prominent patient representatives including Stephen Teap and Lorraine Walsh.  I have also spoken with ‘Sharon’, the patient who brought this matter into the public domain. I will meet with patients this week and have committed to keeping them informed of progress throughout the Review.
  5. The full Review report will be published.

I will be making no further public comment until I present my report to the CEO of the HSE.”


Last updated on: 16 / 07 / 2019