Statement on NIMIS examination reports

3rd August 2017

The Health Service Executive, has identified an issue involving imaging examinations reports.  The reports are generated as part of NIMIS (National Integrated Medical Imaging System). NIMIS is a system to capture and store Radiology, Cardiology and other diagnostic images electronically. There are three component parts of the system

  1. The Radiology Information System (RIS)  where an image request is created, scheduled and examination report is stored;
  2. The picture archiving communication system (PACS) which stores the image and the report
  3. A voice recognition(VR) system for dictating the report.

The issue identified is in relation to the ‘less than’ symbol (<) being recorded in the examination report on the PACs component.  Where the (<) symbol is used on a report and when that report is viewed electronically within the PACS, the symbol has been omitted and is not visible. The majority of reports are either viewed on paper or electronically within NIMIS RIS neither of which are affected by the symbol issue. In addition, examination reports which are printed from NIMIS RIS and show the symbol correctly on the report are not affected.  It is also the case that reports sent electronically to GP practices, are not affected by this issue.  

All hospitals and radiology departments operating NIMIS have been notified of this issue. Action was taken on Friday 28th July whereby a technical solution was applied to the NIMIS production system to prevent this issue arising on further reports stored within the PACS. The system has been checked and no new issues have been created since 19:00 Thursday July 27th.  As a precautionary measure the HSE is reviewing the patient safety risks associated with this issue and an incident management team has been convened to manage this process.  

Last updated on: 03 / 08 / 2017