Triple P Parenting Programmes Sligo/Leitrim

HSE Media Release: 11th April, 2019

Triple P is a positive parenting programme available FREE to parents of children aged 2-10years in Sligo and Leitrim. It is organised by the HSE in partnership with local Community and Voluntary groups. The next round of courses commences after Easter and details will be posted on the Parent Hub Facebook page and advertised in your local community (GP surgeries, schools, crèches, large shops, sports centres, places where people worship and other community venues).The course provides a tool box of tips and strategies for parents, to help manage some of the many challenges of parenting. The aim is to improve relationships between parents and children, and support parents in developing their children’s skills as they grow. Skills such as learning limits, getting on well with people and problem solving, are key life skills. Common issues and concerns like,  following instructions, dealing with disobedience, managing fighting and aggression and bed-time routines are also discussed and worked on. The result is a happier family life with less stress.

The programme is offered in different ways depending on the level of support parents feel they need. The options are as follows; as a once off large public seminar, small group meetings over a few weeks or once off small group workshop focused on one specific issue e.g. managing disobedience.  

Courses are offered in your local community, usually in the evening time. However we can organise day-time delivery if there is a group.

To date groups and workshops have been well received by parents. One parent, Ann said “It was a great course, it really helped.“ Another parent,. Susan said that "She and her partner now work well together and the children are following instructions better.".


Parents can call Kay on 0719148860 or email Our practitioners will help you choose the right course that fits your family.

Information on Triple P courses are also on Parent Hub Facebook page- https// 

Last updated on: 11 / 04 / 2019