Video of patient's journey through rehab services at St Joseph's Hospital Ennis

“St Joseph’s Rehab Team launches a video of a patient’s journey through rehab services”

The rehabilitation team have developed a short video of a patient’s time spent in our inpatient rehabilitation service at St. Joseph’s Hospital.  The main aim of the video is to give new patients a preview of what they can expect from their stay here.  It is a follow on from our new Booklet – My Rehabilitation Guide

What is in this video

The video shows the story of patient’s stay in inpatient rehabilitation.  It captures the story from arrival until discharge.

It features the patient working with all the various staff on the unit including; nurses, healthcare assistants, consultant, doctor, occupational therapists, multi-task assistants and physiotherapists. It shows what is involved in planning a safe discharge.

Why we developed this video

We developed this video to help make patient’s rehabilitation journey a successful and fulfilling experience. We believe that a service should always be looking for ways to improve and hope this video will showcase the work we do here. This video should help people understand what to expect and help them get the most out of their stay.

Special thanks to John for agreeing to participate in this video and to all the members of the rehabilitation team.

Last updated on: 25 / 06 / 2020