World COPD Day (November 15th) marks 10 months since Colin’s last cigarette.  

Take the HSE 28-Day No Smoking Challenge.  Join the fight against smoking and kickstart your personal journey to quit. By abstaining from smoking for 28 days, you increase your chances of quitting for good by five times.

Colin Hall, a 69-year-old from Cootehill Co. Cavan, decided to quit smoking in January 2023 after receiving a COPD diagnosis. Colin had been smoking tobacco for over 40 years, consuming around 25 cigarettes a day. With the fear of failure looming over him, Colin contacted the FREE HSE Stop Smoking Service in Cavan for assistance.

Colin's biggest challenge was the thought of failing. As a long-time tobacco user , he was struggling to imagine life without cigarettes. Colin's first consultation with Stop Smoking Advisor Caoimhe at the Darley Health Centre in Cootehill was a turning point. During this session, he learned about behavioural support and the free nicotine replacement products available through the service. After three weeks, Colin set his quit date for Jan 30th and began using patches and mouth spray provided by the service.

"The patches and spray really supported me with my journey. They allowed me to stay on top of my cravings and were discreet and easy to use during my busy days. Once I started them, I never looked back."  Colin felt better within ten days, with improvements in his breathing and energy levels.

Over the next 12 weeks, Colin received both face-to-face and remote support from Caoimhe. He would visit every 2-4 weeks to get his carbon monoxide levels checked. Within 24 hours of quitting smoking, Colin's carbon monoxide levels fell within the "green zone," a sign that his quit journey was working. By the end of the 12 weeks, Colin was free from cigarettes and no longer needed nicotine products.

As Colin approaches his 70th birthday, he is proud to have quit smoking and encourages others to do the same. He notes that it is never too late to quit and recommends reaching out to your local Stop Smoking Service for support.

If Colin’s story has inspired you and you would like to give stopping smoking a go please email

For Cavan Clinics: Caoimhe – 087-4502772 or Shelley – 0874424461

For Monaghan Clinics: Ellen – 087-6430329 or Áine – 0871819819

There are currently 7 FREE face to face clinics throughout Cavan/ Monaghan. Alternatively ask your GP, Practice Nurse or local pharmacist for advice or contact QUIT on 1800 201 203 or

Last updated on: 16 / 11 / 2023