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Cork Kerry alcohol harm and families project grant

A funding pot of €25,000 is now available to projects in Cork and Kerry which raise awareness about the harm alcohol can cause.

Up to €5,000 per application is available for projects applying for the Cork/Kerry Alcohol Harm & Families Support Project Grants. The grants will be awarded by the HSE Department of Public Health for the region, in a project which runs in association with Cork Kerry Community Healthcare Drug & Alcohol Services; the Southern Regional Drug & Alcohol Task Force; the Cork Local Drug & Alcohol Task Force and the local HSE Health Promotion & Improvement Department. The aim of the grants is to support raising awareness about alcohol harm with a societal focus on families and communities in the region.

Dr Augustine Pereira, the  Director of Public Health (Cork & Kerry) earlier this year published the 2019 annual report for the region which highlighting the harms of alcohol on individuals, families and communities. These grants are a response to that report, and are available to community and voluntary groups who submit bids up to a maximum of €5,000 for projects with a focus on alcohol harm reduction within their local community.

According to Dr Augustine Pereira - “the report highlights, alcohol is responsible for a considerable burden of health and social harm at individual, family and societal levels. The Department of Public Health recognises that community and voluntary agencies provide a wide range of services to promote awareness, education and supports within communities affected by drug and alcohol harm in Cork and Kerry. The department is keen to support efforts in the region through this once-off funding opportunity to voluntary and community groups working to reduce alcohol harm within families, recognising that alcohol harm may quite often be linked to other addictions and societal harms.”

 According to David Lane - Drug and Alcohol Services Coordinator, Cork Kerry Community Healthcare:

Askaboutalcohol.ie provides us with reliable and trustworthy information on alcohol. It considers how it impacts our physical health, our mental health and how it can impact on others. The Community Alcohol Harm & Families Project Grants is a welcome development as it seeks to raise awareness on some of the hidden harms associated with alcohol. One of the most significant hidden harms is the impact of alcohol on children and young people. People may not talk about what is happening, perhaps because they feel ashamed or they feel that they are somehow to blame. The family may seem to be OK from the outside but this is far from the truth. Askaboutalcohol.ie considers some of these hidden harms as follows

  • Emotional problems, worries and feelings of hurt or shame
  • A lack of rules and routine
  • A lack of basic care, like clean clothes, good food and healthcare
  • Taking on adult responsibilities
  • Living with unpredictability and chaos
  • Broken promises and unreliability
  • Health problems linked to emotional issues, neglect or abuse

There is hope when we come together to challenge the problems we face as a society and this initiative will make its own contribution to fighting hidden harms.”

Community and voluntary groups are encouraged to submit alcohol harm reduction project proposals, with an emphasis on family/community supports. The closing date for receipt of applications for the Cork/Kerry Alcohol Harm & Families Support Project Grant is 11th November 2019 with funding allocated in December 2019.