Temporary Inflation Payment Scheme (TIPS)

The Minister for Health and the Minister for Mental Health & Older People have approved a new scheme to support private and voluntary nursing homes to help with costs of energy inflation. The Temporary Inflation Payment Scheme (TIPS) has been developed to support private and voluntary nursing homes with energy cost increases and it will cover the period from July to December, 2022.

The HSE and the National Treatment Purchase Fund (NTPF) will jointly administer the scheme.  The NTPF will administer the application process and provide support and advice to the HSE and the HSE will make payments to Nursing Homes.

About the scheme

All private and voluntary nursing homes that have a maximum pricing agreement with the NTPF will be eligible to apply for this additional support.

The conditions of the scheme have been agreed as follows:

  • TIPS will address cost increases relating to heating and electricity
  • Nursing Homes will be able to submit claims for cost increases on a monthly basis, with increases calculated year on year.
  • TIPS will initially cover the period of July to December 2022.
  • TIPS will operate on a vouched basis, with nursing homes required to evidence relevant cost increases via bills, invoices and other relevant documentation.
  • The scheme will reimburse 75% of the value claimed, up to a maximum payment of €5,250 per month for each nursing home (75% of a €7,000 increase).
  • Costs will not be allowable under the scheme where the nursing home claiming the costs has also benefitted from other government supports that specifically reimburse energy cost increases (including the Temporary Business Energy Support Scheme or "TBESS" proposed by the Finance Bill 2022, and as later enacted) in respect of the same costs during the same period.

Full details of the TIPS Rules are available here:

Temporary Inflation Payment Scheme Rules (PDF, size 460.3 KB, 3 pages)

Application Process

A TIPS Application Form should be completed and returned to the NTPF at tips@ntpf.ie.  A single Application Form is to be submitted to cover the period of the Scheme and can be downloaded here: Temporary Inflation Payment Scheme Application Form (PDF, size 243.6 KB, 7 pages)

To make a claim in respect of each of the months July to December 2022, download and complete the relevant monthly TIPS Claim form: 

July 2022 TIPS Claim Form.xlsx (size 38.1 KB)

August 2022 TIPS Claim Form.xlsx (size 38.1 KB)

September 2022 TIPS Claim Form.xlsx (size 38.1 KB)

October 2022 TIPS Claim Form.xlsx (size 38.1 KB)

A separate application may be made in respect of each of the months July to December 2022. Applications in respect of the months of July to October should be received by 30th November 2022 and applications in respect of further months should be received by the last working day of the following month.