Storm Ophelia: health service update

Updated: 15.30 pm, Wednesday, 18 October 2017

There are still some delays to our services while we work through the impact of the storm and catch-up on cancelled appointments.

We expect to return to normal services over the next few days. All outpatient appointment will proceed as normal, if your appointment is affected you will be contacted by the hospital to inform you of the change.

We will update this page when we have new information to share.

Our services

Hospital appointments

Hospital services over returning to normal. Your hospital will contact you if there is any change to your scheduled appointment. Some elective surgery may be cancelled, your hospital will contact you if this is the case. Elective surgeries are surgeries that are scheduled in advance because they don’t involve a medical emergency.

Urgent procedures will be prioritised.

If your appointment was cancelled on Monday or Tuesday, you will be contacted to arrange a new one.

Community services and local primary care centres

Community services’ focus will be on dealing with the most vulnerable patients and clients first. This includes discharging elderly patients, whose discharge may have been delayed due to the weather, to the most appropriate facilities as quickly as possible.

Find your local primary care centre.

GPs and emergency departments

GP clinics and emergency departments will be very busy this week. We will prioritise the most urgent cases.

Ambulance services

Our ambulance service will continue to operate as normal.

Life maintenance devices

If you use a life maintenance device, and your electricity is gone, you or your carer should use the backup system which is usually battery powered.

If you can't do this, contact your GP, public health nurse, or local health centre for support.

If it's urgent, call 112 or 999 immediately.

Breast Check

BreastCheck screening in all locations is now operating as normal. Client’s who had an appointment cancelled due to bad weather on the 16th October can be reassured that they will receive a new appointment by post from their local BreastCheck Unit in the coming days.

HSE job interviews

If you had a job interview with the HSE on Monday, we will contact you to arrange a new interview date. Email if you need to get in touch about your interview.

HSE offices

HSE offices are open.

HSE Live

Our HSE Live phone and web chat services is open 8am - 8pm Monday to Friday.

Safety messages from the National Emergency Coordination Group

  • Power outages are likely to occur in certain parts of the country, with contingency planning activated by the ESB. The ESB is advising the public to stay away from fallen cables that may have broken due to the high winds. ESB Emergency Services can be contacted at 1850372999.
  • People are asked to check in on isolated and vulnerable neighbours in advance of the oncoming severe weather conditions and again after the worst of the event has passed.

Useful phone numbers

Emergency services- Gardaí, Fire, Ambulance
999 / 112

ESB Networks
1850 372 999

Eir Emergencies
1800 773 729

Bord Gais
1850 20 50 20

Useful Twitter accounts for #Ophelia updates

Follow these Twitter accounts for the latest updates and safety messages: