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Energy Efficient Design

Energy Efficient Design (EED) is a methodology that assists organisations to design, construct and manage projects to achieve minimum energy consumption.Energy Efficient Design can minimise energy usage and reduce the running costs of a building or process. It can also help reduce the capital cost of the project through design changes.

The HSE completed 6 Pilot EED projects and the requirement for EED Review is now incorporated into the Scope of Works for Design Team Services for all Capital Projects.

CUH MH Facility

South Lee Mental Health Facility in Cork was one of the pilot EED projects.

More information on this project can be found here.

The Energy Efficient Design Methodology from SEAI can be found here.


HSE Publications

Sustainable Healthcare Building Guidelines

How to specify low carbon cement

How to specify healthy healthcare interiors


Other Publications

Design out Waste - A design team guide to waste reduction in construction and demolition projects


Academic Research

GMIT Masters research on Post-Occupancy Evaluation of Capital Procurement process in a Healthcare Facility (Loughrea Community Nursing Unit).