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HSE Progress to 2020

Public bodies are required to report annual energy efficiency data to the SEAI. The National Health Sustainability Office (NHSO) reports on behalf of the HSE (excluding the voluntary hospitals) and is fully compliant in this regard.

HSE Organisational Target is 33 % energy saving by 2020 based on a 2009 baseline. The HSE is on target and has reduced its energy use by 21% over the baseline. 

You can find more detailed information on our 2020 savings on the SEAI M&R portal

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Optimising Power @ Work - Staff Energy Awareness Programme

Optimising Power @ Work (OP@W) is a staff energy awareness campaign run by the NHSO in partnership with the Office of Public Works (OPW).

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Energy Supply to the HSE and funded organisations

The National Health Sustainabiliy Office, in conjunction with HBS Procurement and the Office of Government Procurement, recently completed a number of competitions for the supply of Energy to the HSE and funded organisations. Each energy type will now be supplied by a single supplier which will allow for economy of scale and better capacity to monitor and report on the health sector's energy use.

For more information on these contracts, including key account information and registration details please visit and register on the OGP website buyers area by clicking the links below


If you have any queries in relation to these contracts or frameworks and how to buy from them, please contact the OGP’s Client Service Team at or telephone 076 100 8000



Guidance on Energy Efficiency from the SEAI website here

Also see links to other websites in our resources section


Case Studies

New life for old lights at Cavan General Hospital

BMS at the Mater Private Hospital


Case Study Template

Case Stories can cover technical, management, design, awareness or other aspects of energy efficiency / management.

SEAI Case Story Template

SEAI Case Story Guidance