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Green Healthcare Programme - Staff Water & Waste Awareness Programme

Green Healthcare is a staff waste and water awareness campaign run by the NHSO in partnership with the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

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The Green Healthcare Programme started as a waste reduction programme. In 2015 it's remit was expanded to include water conservation along with stafff education and awareness. The programme is currently developing Irish Healthcare water benchmarks and a number of case studies highlighting water conservation practices across the healthcare sector. 

Each Green Healthcare training event has a general information stand, along with targeted information sessions which cover the following:

  • Healthcare risk waste reduction & maximising recycling
  • Water conservation
  • Food waste reduction



Best Practice Guidance

Water Efficiency:  A best practice guide for Irish Healthcare Facilities

This best practise guide provides an overview of the main aspects involved in the efficient use of water in Irish healthcare facilities.


Fact Sheets

Water Use Benchmarks for Irish Hospitals

Information on water use benchmarks for both Acute and community hospitals.

HSE Leak Detection Guidance

Fact sheet for Irish healthcare sites to provide guidance to HSE Estates and Maintenance Managers on leak detection.


How to Guide

How to Harvest unused Reverse Osmosis water

This How-to Guide provides an outline of the different steps to consider when assessing the potential options for saving or reusing wasted water from you RO plant(s).


Case Studies

Water data logging saves €183,000 per year - Connolly Hospital, Blanchardstown

Water bill savings through leak detection - Newcastle Community hospital, Wicklow

Reverse Osmosis water harvesting - Midland Regional Hospital Tullamore

Reverse Osmosis water harvesting - Midland Regional Hospital Portloaise